Friday, March 20, 2015


Could hardly wait. 
Heart bursting in anticipation.
Spring arriving.
With blithe and merry. 
Taunting us.

Tiptoeing in.  Teasing. 
Hiding behind the curtain.
Some days.

And on others the glorious warm. 
Rising with the dawn.
Filling the day.
With sun-in-the-face happy.
Just to be alive.

Winter grays thawing into color.
From landscape frozen.
Relaxing shoulders.
Unburdening winter worry.
Pinning hope.

On the lonely winter sculptures
reaching skyward now filling in.
With green.  And color lush.

Scribbled all over the landscape.
Like a madman with a paintbrush.
Forgetting to put away.
His paint.

And I am giddy.  And laugh happy.
Because serenity comes.
In the beautiful of change.
And acceptance.

Of seasons ebbing and flowing.
With the difficult.  And in the joy.

Of life.

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