Thursday, March 26, 2015

Even when

My heart is breaking.

Watching the scenes unfold.  Families grieving.
And what is usually a magnificent scene of grandeur; the Alps.
Now a place of great tragedy.  And loss.  For so many.

A downed plane.

And this one so senseless it seems. 
As the news continues to unfold.

And we cry out.


From the depths of despair. 
For ourselves.  For others.
Because we all fear.  That loss of control.
The merry of life soon shifting in one shocking moment.
To despair.

And place blame.  On someone.

And ultimately.  Perhaps God.  So often a scapegoat.

Because the mysteries threaten to bury us.
So much we cannot understand.

But this I know.
He is not to blame.

It is Holy God. 

Doing the rescuing.
Having hung on the tree.

And our hearts will never rest until they rest in Him.

And though the mysteries swirl.

And planes fall out of the sky.

We can live secure.
In His unfathomable love.

A gift indescribable. Shocking even.

That Holy God would love us flawed.
In our broken.  And crying out.
Suffering amid the beauty He created.
But He.  Restoring every day. 
Despite the pain. We sometimes experience.

Promising never to leave or forsake us.
A love beyond figuring out.

And that is why. 

We rejoice even when our heart is breaking.

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