Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This. Exploding.

Running down the narrow street.
Anxious to see better.  The view.
A vista unveiling; grandeur unedited.
Never failing to impress.

Just an autumn Saturday; unexpected and mesmerizing.
The telling of glory.

Worth the hunt.  Worth the chase.
Nature exploding. 
For all to see.

In the midst of ordinary.  Every day.

Homes built to see it. 
Tables set before it.
Windows thrown open wide to it. 
Weddings planned around it.  Vacations too.

This glory.
This telling of the heavens.
Thrilling us.
Stirring the soul.

The reasons artists paint and architects draw and photographers snap.
Lovers linger and climbers climb and people take delight.  In the beauty.

A rainbow arcing high.
Waves crashing wild on sand.
Galaxies strewn across inky black.

A window. To something greater.
Than ourselves.
The going public of infinite God. 

And the heavens are telling.

Our hearts made for this.   
Because, on some level, us all; chasing.
That which fills us to the brim.

Taking our conflicted, emotional, soul-searching lives.
And filling us.
The goodness.  Pointing.
As good as this is.  There is more.
And I run.  With my camera.  Snapping glimpses of God.

Life is hard. Sometimes stories harsh. 
But into this realness, the broken of life.  God has spoken.
Nature pointing. 

No fuller or more final expression of God.
Than Jesus.

Deep calling to deep.
The roar of the waterfalls.
The waves and breakers sweeping over me.

And God.  Is there.

Unfathomable love painting the skies.
Raising the sun.
Sustaining the universe.

And my heart running each day.
Breathless for this love story.

The angels know.  Creation knows.
Beauty only pointing.
To the author.
And sustainer and redeemer. 
Of this world.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;
the whole earth is full of his glory.

My camera points. 
And my heart responds.
Beauty exploding.