Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not me


I try too hard.
And want too much.
Or not enough.

And live seeking.

And it is God only.

Filling the empty places.
Calming my anxious heart.

This I know.

Though I don't often live it.

Having to be reminded.

Because of what I do.

And that is.
Making Him into something.
He is not.

A formula for success.
Or happiness.
Or to fulfill my own agenda.


That I am full of.
Desperate attempts.
Going nowhere

And it is grace.

All the time.

Covering my lack.
My endless flaws.

Sin in me.
Clamoring loudly.
And rearing up ugly.
For attention.

And I find.
Over and over.
In order to see Truth.
And to live free.

Must remember.

God rules this world.

Not me.

And He always.
Extending grace.

Redeeming everything.


Such an exorbitant price paid.

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