Tuesday, July 17, 2018

a place called ordinary

for sure they do
these neighbors of mine
that is
I would too you know
what the dickens will be the color
this time
of all the doors
on a plain white house
in a neighborhood
full of ordinary
on a summer's day

cause you see
this girl
all full of notions
and romantic
imagining other worlds
and fancy places
and often
the getting carried away
with pots of paint
reminiscent of Easter eggs
lined up on a counter
so joyous this thing
a palette of color
and a canvas to fill

so today once again
it's a door smiling back
welcoming change
out in the early
while the breeze gentle
and the air cool
but thick with birdsong
cicadas screaming
a din really
summer turned up loud
reminding this but a season
soon to change once again

so with a paint pot
and a brush
coloring a page in my book
and all the while
this summertime morning
filling the senses
and me
breathing deep of glory
and transition
seeing it now as a friend
a thing of beauty

just like a door

in a place called ordinary

Friday, January 5, 2018

of fairy sprites and zephyrs

life on pause

again today

and in the early
gazing down
at the tundra
from a window high
at so much white
like icing
thick on a cake

and then
zephyrs of snow
jumping high
like fairy sprites
if just for a moment
laughing at us
and at the day
and the cold

but for me

no slopes to slalom
no skates to lace
just time

life on pause

and reveling in it
like a cat 
in winter sunshine

drinking in beauty
being at rest

routine shattered
in a million pieces
like icicles
when they fall

and for those
fortunate enough


an opportunity
to slow
in a world
making busy a trophy

hitting reset
jettisoning chores
and the routine of daily
with hilarity

unflustered by it all

and in the wake
of this decision
the unloading of guilt

much-needed rest
and quiet even

to savor a new year

to reboot

owning our lives
getting perspective
part of the struggle

and time put on hold
in tandem with
an Abba Father


always seeping through
all the cracks
of this broken world

beauty being unfolded
like an exquisite snow-covered morning

and a day 
on pause