Monday, August 3, 2015

anyone could

as we assemble

all the pieces of our days
into something
recognizable or not
way too often
lured into thinking
it's all about me

even though

would emphatically deny
such a perspective

but really

built into the fiber

of my restless, numbing
aching and sometimes
rebellious heart

all to often

minute by minute

it's all about me

and desiring
to live full and joyous
and God - centered

because really

all about Him

His creation and power
and glory

and so assembling
the pieces of a life
not into a tower for my own name
which we all know
would only crumble

but running



His story

continuing to be written
each day; an epic

played out for all time

and anyone could play my part

so great
the enormity of God


  1. I fail so often to live for Him and end up living for myself over and over. Groundhog's Day perhaps ;-) Thank God He is merciful and gives second (third, fourth, fifth......) chances!

  2. Yes. Thanking God! With you.
    So glad you dropped by!