Friday, April 10, 2015

Needing something

Days when we're so tired.
Unable to focus.
Having to carry on and do.

I am reminded.
Life is full and exhausting.
In the good.
As well as the difficult.

And needing something.
Looking everywhere for it.

To rehabilitate our lack
and to camouflage our
fervent and frenetic forays
into what isn't
even ours to carry.

The pride rearing loud.
The wanting.
And the defense too.
For who we are.
And what we do.

And how we think.

Needing others.
To put up the mirror.
To remind.

It is only in the humility.
Of living the daily.

One moment at a time.

And in so doing.

On the Grace-giver.

That we can really rest.
Living full.


  1. Life can be exhausting. God can be restorative and refreshing if I let Him be. So often I forget to find refuge in His arms. Thanks for the reminder!