Thursday, April 30, 2015

But He did


Everyone wonders.
Why the stuttering fool.
Cannot get over.
The story of grace.

Smacked in the face.
With the wonder of it.
My lack so desperate.
And His love so beyond.

Figuring out.

And the wonder of creation.
Mysteries so stunning; stupefying even.
Things beyond the naked eye.
Photos revealing the heavens.

Star clusters and galaxies.
And reams of color thrown around
like a madman happy and
exuberant and free.
Creating glory and miraculous.

Beauty pointing.

Like a road sign. 

Because every single day.
While distracted with life.
Living daunted.  In our own story.
Sometimes shaken.

There is order. 
Our world governed.  And ruled.
By holy.

Stars in the heavens.
Planets spinning.
Sun coming up.  Setting.
Winter turning to spring.
And the tide going out .

All under.  His control.

His creation.  His palette.  His art.


And Grace.

And I lift up my eyes to the hills.
And to the heavens.

And every single time.

Smacked in the face.
With the wonder of it.

I never could have thought it all up.

But He did. 

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