Thursday, October 16, 2014

Because too often I forget



Filling my empty with His full.
And giving grace where there is lack.
Showing up with exquisite kindness.
And whispering His love in the wind.

And I stand on tiptoe.
Trying to see.

His Presence.

And what I do see.

Mist covering a field at dawn.
The moon full and white.
Catching my breathe; ethereal stillness.
A holy moment. Stumbled upon.
In the early nearly dark.

Sea and sky having no end.
The stretching of blue in all directions.
Earth a canvas filled; 
this jaw-dropping vista.
Early autumn on the vineyard.


A snapshot of sunset.
Brush strokes all over the sky.
Back and forth.  Capricious tinting.
Reflection of stunning in the water.
For just minutes.  Fleeting.

And not really having to stand.
On tiptoe.

So apparent.  This.

God writing.

Above the din of broken and fear.

His Presence.


Too often I forget.

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