Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anything but ordinary


It's in the simple beautiful everyday ordinary.
That life happens.

Life at it's best.

Connecting with a friend who has suffered a loss.
And giving a hug.  And listening.  And laughing.
Because there is always something good.
In life lived with God.

Despite the heartache.
Despite the loss.

And we celebrate.

His love.

And the love of community however flawed.
However much we mess up. 
Loving one another and extending grace.
To ourselves.  To others.

Because of Him.
In our lives.  Filling us.
Transforming the inexplicable.
Into something we can hang onto.
When answers do not come.

Extending a hand.  A smile.  An understanding.
Bringing the most important part of ourselves.
To another.
And making the simple beautiful everyday ordinary.
Anything but.


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