Saturday, October 8, 2016

on a saturday

when two
have said i do
on the dock of the bay
in the glorious
of late afternoon
summer waning

on a saturday
almost september

the groom
and his bride
so exquisite
smiling and laughing
hugging and posing
the water lapping
cameras clicking
capturing moments
soon to fade

on a saturday
almost september

and then
riding away
into future days
yet unspent
all full of happy
lives merging
tin cans bouncing
to the world
just married

and what is left

breath-taking quiet
beauty surrounding

the sun
cooler now
coloring the blue
with ink stains
spreading and merging
all hues of tropical
melting into the bay

night approaching
in all it's grandeur
lights appearing
across the water
friends drifting home
the dock emptying

and in a hush
of eventide
brush strokes of glory
filling the thin
moments of dusk

as night falls
and being reminded

a wedding
and a sunset
unfurling holy
for all the world to see

on a saturday
almost september


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  1. Thank you so much, Linda! Beautiful pictures and thoughts...