Friday, May 13, 2016

even in the rain

the view
from my window
high in the attic room
filled with books
and journals and paint
paper and photos
wildly clamoring
for attention

but just pausing
life on hold
for a moment

to take it all in
the being mindful
they say

anything new

as well as welcoming
to a soul in love
with change


raw and challenging

and though trees filling
and grass greening
blossoms flourishing
a new page being colored in

even so

wondering why

the sun
not quite warm yet
and the silver light
of a season past
streets glistening
endless rain

and in watching it all unfold
this season new

like a story book
with pop-up pictures

to turn the page
to see

this story

this pop-up book
coming alive
and the pictures
big, bold, and beautiful

even the rain
even the chilly

so good it is
to see
that it is all beautiful

all the pages

all the seasons

even the uncertainty

of life

because story

is how we live
and how we find joy
in a page still

big, bold and beautiful

even in the rain

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