Tuesday, January 5, 2016

in the choosing


In this
a new year


taking front seat

replacing complacent
and the need to see above
and beyond
the present moment

head bobbing
list making
and the calculating
put aside
packed up with the ornaments
and stashed

instead finding


a new year thing to do

in the right now
in the everyday
in the ordinary
and in the difficult


a new day beckoning

with ice crystal patterns
ubiquitous and lovely
on the windowpane and
exquisite shades
of dawn
briefly unfurling across
the sky
abruptly returning again
to winter grays

and in the eerie quiet
of a walk out in the early
cold tincturing a face
hands shoved deep in pockets
against the wintry raw

where now
newly unveiled sculpture
giant ones bent and gnarled
others small and delicate
the lush green bunting
from another season

knobby arms reaching
and delicate fingers
the silver ceiling

beauty tumbling forward

enfolding life
like a rich batter in a bowl
yet unfinished

because each moment
in this torn and broken world
filled with a beauty

and grace
saturating our souls

saying yes
to this Creator God

trusting what is
and what isn't yet

and choosing


because the sacred
is writing beauty
all over our lives



  1. don't know which is lovelier, your writing or your images. xo