Wednesday, June 4, 2014

For a better story

I packed up and went to the shore yesterday.
On a moment's notice.
A whim.  You might say.
No planning ahead.  Just doing.

For me.  A flight of freedom.
Of nostalgia.  Of independence.
Wind in my hair.  Music loud.

And over the dune.  Another world waiting.

Ocean surf crashing.
Gulls wheeling.  Their incessant crying.
Making me feel, well . . .  happy.

And as wide as the sea; the sand.
Sparsely populated this day. 
A few, small islands of beach towels and chairs.
The occasional burst of distant laughter.
Conversations wafting like a poorly tuned radio.
In the early summer cool.

Sitting back.  Breathing deep.
Of the sweet slow.
And the filling of beauty.

And there.  In my beach chair.
Reading. And finding for others too.
This quest for rest.  In a life.

White space.  It's called.
Those areas intentionally left blank.
A place for the eye to rest.
In graphic design.

Life requires editing.

In the midst of hurry and busy and too much.

Rooms and wardrobes and stories and works of art too.

A discipline, yes.
In order to be better.

Whole scenes sometimes relegated to the editing floor.
In the making of art.  A movie.  Or a book. 
The styling of a room even.
An eye can be overstimulated by too much good.
Something has to go.

Our lives too.

A necessity. To edit.
A waste of time.  Never.
Creating white space.

For beauty and tranquility and the mooring of our lives.

A season.  A day.  An hour.
To slow down.  Unplug.
The letting go.
Finding margin in our lives.

For a better story.

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