Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reflections upon 9/11

Reflections today
Taken yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Remembering  . . .  the wars fought, the lives lost, the battles continuing.

Our forefathers, the brave men and women of today, their families.
Sacrificing, suffering loss, serving still; praying together.
One Nation Under God.
Reflections today.

Beauty reminding in the summer night.
This republic on a bright and shining hill.
But never to forget.  9/11 reminding.  To pray. 
For our leaders.  For our country.  For freedom.



  1. Awesome tribute for a somber day in American History...Thank-you

  2. Praying that our children would learn and understand how and why this great country came to be and that none of it would have happened without the blessing of a merciful God.

  3. A moment in time that touched even the other side of the globe. x