Friday, June 14, 2013

It's ok.

When summer comes skidding around the corner on two wheels; doing a free wheelie and laughing all the way. 

When the blueberries come calling; big and purple and sweet on the bush.

When friends come home from teaching all year and call celebrating hard and drinking in all the freedom of that first day off. 

When the empty nest is full again - grown kids vacationing and finishing school and anticipating a call, any day; waiting for that big break.   

When life is so crammed full and the light stays on deep in the day.

Finding myself running; running hard to maintain the discipline of last week.

Morning coffee on the patio amid the cacophony of bird song.  Time alone.

Well-intentioned.  But not for long.

Everywhere I turn a reminder.

Beach towels piled high.  Watering cans full.   Messages inviting.

Open windows with curtains stirring.  Barefoot. 

Lunch on a sidewalk.

A day stretched long on the beach.
And evenings lazy.  Warm on the skin.  Lingering late around the fire pit.  

A season begging for our attention.

Attention to slow.  To relationship. 

To the beauty and the changes. The ebb and flow.  Restoration.

Stars flung from the heavens.  Waiting for the fireflies. 

Schedules and discipline come hard but it's ok.

It's June.

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